Game Changer - Tuff Tray


Measuring 1100W x 510H (shown) x 1100D

Weighing 45Kgs

Price £405 + VAT


Castors (additional £30 + VAT)


We all know how amazing tuff trays are and the hours of educational fun we all have with them. Sadly, the cleaning / emptying is never a easy task, maneuvering at angles through doorways that aren't wide enough so they can be cleaned can prove a tricky business. Worry no more; we have the answers to all your problems.


Dry tuff - dustpan and brush, wash down and empty into bowl.

Wet tuff - pull the plug, wash down and empty into bowl.


No more spillages, slip disks or widening of doorways!


Shipped with tuff tray, but not the bowl.


The prices are inclusive of delivery.


Email for shipping information and bulk order discounts.